How To Make Wedding Website

Planning that special day? What better way to make all your friends and family aware of your plans than to build a wedding website. First of all you’ll need to find a host site to make your web page. There are lots of sites out there that offer free web pages. Type “make a free website” into your search engine and choose which site works best for you. Most sites will offer various template pages. With these templates all you have to do is type in your information. You can also choose to use a blank template to make it more personal.

Post your engagement pictures using an album. Many different types of picture albums are available. Using an album that auto scrolls will give your visitors the opportunity to look at pictures while they are reading your wedding plans. Be sure to be very informative. The more information you can provide on the site the less questions they will have. Add a map this will instruct your guest on how to locate where services will be held. Add in reception information including time and directions if it is at a separate location. Be sure to include a contact box that gets forwarded to the person in charge of guest services, this will allow for any questions to be addressed prior to the “Big Day”.

It is very important to appeal to both parties involved. Add in a short story of both the Bride and Groom. Address how their lives brought them together. Talk about what led up to their engagement. How did they propose? Who proposed? What was the reaction? Be very detailed. Add in a funny story. Was it wild and crazy? Or was it beautiful and romantic? Your guest will want to know, and this will help them feel a little more connected. Lure in your guest with interesting accounts that led up to this day. It could also be a good idea to tell a little about the families being brought together by this marriage. Remember not everyone will know each other and this is a great way to start building the bridge between these families.

Make sure to mention if there is a gift registry along with instructions on how to access this.
Also include a guest registry, where they can leave comments. This will give your visitor a chance to feel connected to the whole experience.

Wedding websites will reach a broader spectrum of guests than invitations alone. You have the ability to create an interesting and interactive site for all to view and enjoy.