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When planning your wedding you are embarking on a most exciting journey, culminating in one of the most special days of your lives.  Juno Weddings are here to smooth the path and assist with as many or as few details along the way as you are comfortable with.

With the average wedding taking over 250 hours of planning time, and costing over $27,000 it’s no wonder so many busy modern couples are turning to experienced professionals to help them pull all the details together.

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Here at Juno we have years of experience with all styles and sizes of weddings, as well as an extensive network of trusted and respected industry suppliers to call on.  This means that we know how to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls in planning a wedding, as well as how to negotiate the best possible deal for you.   We also save you countless hours of time in researching and dealing with suppliers, can help with all your styling requirements AND save you money!

We invite you to meet with us for a complimentary, obligation free initial consultation to discuss your dream, and how we can help make it a reality.

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Congratulations again, and happy wedding dreams!
Wedding Planning Tips

A wedding is a celebration of love between a couple. Unfortunately, the planning of this celebration tends to be unbearable to many people. Although some may hire the services of a professional wedding planner, it is important to know that planning this celebration is possible. By following a few easy tips, your dream wedding can be easily organized.

First, it’s obvious that brides want to create their dream wedding. While this is absolutely fine, staying within your budget is much more important. Brides tend to overlook the financial aspects involved with a wedding and focus more on the best of everything. Although every bride should be able to get their magnificent wedding, not everyone can afford it. Brides must be realistic if they want to plan their weddings without stress. Cutting corners to minimize costs does not have to be a terrible thing. If you were planning on having an open bar at your wedding reception, but can’t afford it, choose wine or beer as the alternative. While your guests will not be able to order an infinite amount of alcoholic drinks, they can still be entertained by having a glass or two of wine or a couple beers. If you are hoping to purchase a customized, designer wedding dress, search online or at consignment shops to find something that is equally beautiful but offered at half the cost.

Second, you must remember that although it is your special day as the bride, you can’t have it all. There are going to be hiccups that arise during the planning time. Your favorite caterer might be double booked and can’t cater your reception. Or, the flowers you wanted might not be available for your date. Things will happen that will test your patience. It’s important to let these things go. Focusing on all the negatives will make this special time incredibly frustrating. Many brides give up and fall to pieces when the smallest problem occurs. So, you should know that these issues will most likely occur. Brides should hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

Lastly, once you understand there has to be a budget and problems will arise, you have to breathe and enjoy this time. While the process may seem stressful, you can’t let the stress overwhelm you. Brides should understand that this wedding is a one time event, so focus on the joy that is felt. A wedding should not be stressful, but it is. So, let it all go and try to relish in the magical and romantic moments that will surely come. By focusing on all the wonderful elements, you can truly being to appreciate the time. Then, the stress will just disappear.

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